Just Wear The Damn Mask

Take a moment and look closely at the above picture.

Now that you’ve done that, do you understand why they are wearing them? It’s actually really quite simple. They aren’t wearing them because they’re afraid they’re goingto get infected by the patient. If the pateient had something contagious, would the masks help? Some. Bit this isn’t what they are designed for!

Despite what you may think, that you’re being asked to wear a mask to protect yourself, that’s not what they’re for. Like the reason the people above are wearing them, it’s to protect others! Facemasks are designed to protect others from what you yourself may be carrying. You are being asked to wear a mask to protect other people; not yourself.

I understand the desire for personal freedom. I’m American after all and love this country. But do you know what you’re saying when you don’t wear a mask? You aren’t saying that it’s your personal right to decide to protect yourself or not. What you’re really saying is quite simple; you don’t care if your actions kill others.

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